The kraken wakes

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Let's Get Moving Edit

A boat in the flotilla is in danger of sinking, taking your ship with it. Ed appears to try and organise a team to sever the connection and prevent further devastation.

Jump! Edit

You disconnect the sinking boat from the others, leaving no way to return. Comansys staff throw you a rope, just as something huge hits the deck.

Harpoon Station Edit

You escape and meet up with Albert and Holly Fansworth, a Comansys marine biologist. You move to a whaling vessel to make use of its harpoon station.

Back To The Bridge Edit

Albert orders the Comansys agent manning the harpoon station to fire on the creature. It misses and the monster retaliates by ripping the agent’s head off.

We All Go Under Edit

Albert shoots the squid in the beak with a flare gun which, understandably, makes it angry. It shrieks, which gets Holly thinking.

We're On It Edit

The doctors realise that the squid is hooked on drugs from the severed limbs falling into the ocean. You plan to lure it away from the flotilla with the serum.

Stay Edit

Albert disposes of the squid with a grenade launcher. Holly is so impressed with Maxine that she offers her the chance to stay on the flotilla. Maxine accepts.

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