Experiments on zombies are ongoing. Are you ready for the first human trial?

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Under The Desk Edit

You are to use scent markers to camouflage yourselves among a group of dopey zombies and test out Chris McShell’s research.

Repeat The Manoeuvre Edit

Sam plays Chris’ voice file as you run, in which he conducts an experiment on a large group of zombies.

That's The Idea Edit

Veronica hands you a container of liquid and tells you to cover yourself in it, whilst doing so herself. This solution should prevent them from chasing you.

Trust Us Edit

Sam gets very excited by the success of this experiment, until Veronica tells him that the solution is hard to make and burns off very quickly.

The Weapon They Wanted Edit

The zombies continue to ignore you and are chasing a zombie on the opposite side of the pack that is wearing a pheromone collar giving off human scent.

Ever Wanted To Chase A Zombie? Edit

Sam and Veronica take a moment to reflect on how proud Runner 10 would be if he could see the results of his research.

Some Of Them Are Running Edit

The horde thickens; Veronica forgot that zoms are attracted to large gatherings of humans. You have to escape back to the Comansys base, immediately.

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