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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Get Moving Edit

You hear the aftermath of Amelia’s dramatic exit piped through your headset until Janine abruptly cuts you off. Suddenly your microlight is clipped by lightning.

No Time To Waste Edit

Amelia confesses that she does not understand Abel’s altruism; she sees it as a hub of secrets which she has used to trade with the militia for supplies.

Unbelievers Edit

As you approach the mountainside, Amelia points out the pro-zombie cult that’s settled here. Janine cuts back in over your comm, absolving Jody from blame.

Chatterbox Edit

Janine and Amelia vent some passive aggression as you flee the cultists. Janine says she will commute Amelia’s death sentence if she returns you unharmed.

Saying Goodbye Edit

Amelia reveals a concealed door in the mountainside which leads to a secondary storage facility built by Runner 7.

My Nice New Gun Edit

As Amelia is saying her goodbyes, Runner 3 appears.

She's A Ship Edit

Simon decides his best opportunity lies with Amelia and speeds off in the boat after revealing that your answers lie on the ship, the Laetitia Greenwald.

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