Making Zombies, Run! 2 - Sam Yao vs The Puppy01:33

Making Zombies, Run! 2 - Sam Yao vs The Puppy

Take a look behind the scenes at the making of Zombies, Run! 2.

You and Runner 8 set off on a mission to help Maxine learn a little more about how dog whistles affect the fast zoms.

Base Unlock: Kennel



Terrible Danger GuaranteedEdit

You and Runner 8 set off on a mission to help Maxine learn a little more about how sound affects the fast zoms. Sam fears that Maxine's promise of this being a low-risk mission has jinxed you.

So Much For Risk FreeEdit

Runner 8 reveals that a dog bit her, not a zombie; a pack of them was following the hoard that pinned her down, scavenging their leftovers, and one attacked her in the scuffle. Not wanting to take chances, she fled to the coast with one bullet left in the gun to use on herself. This noble plan backfired when she did not turn and was followed the beach by the undead, so she ended up escaping in a rowing boat. Maxine is excited at the possibility that the vaccine the army gave Runner 8 might have worked, but the ship's doctor confirmed that her bite was canine.

Stop Whistling And RunEdit

Maxine suggests splitting up and using your whistles to confuse the zombies as you and Runner 8 are surrounded in the Waitrose car park. You vary the speed and interval of your whistles and manage to successfully attract the attention of all seventeen zombies.

Throwing Rocks?!Edit

Maxine tells you to keep your eyes front since they can now see you on street cam. Archie and Jamie save your neck as they appear from the woods, armed with dog whistles. Just as Maxine thinks you're safe, Sam notices in alarm that the zoms are throwing rocks - Maxine suspects this is an effect of the whistle.

Staffie With A HangoverEdit

Archie informs Sam that you are limping and that Jamie has been hit, but the zoms are showing no sign of slowing down. Jamie outsmarts them by luring them to him with the dog whistle whist standing behind a concealed river. Archie celebrates Jamie's brilliance by blowing her whistle, which results in attracting every dog in the vicinity.

The Most Adorable Thing EverEdit

Sam hears a whining and suspects Archie, but it's actually an adorable puppy that has followed you home. Jamie gives Archie the puppy as romantic gesture, but he would rather die than admit it. You head back to Abel to discuss the test results with the doctor.


Mission continues the experiments with the zombies. It is discovered that certain audio tones cause the zombies to do certain actions.

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