Out on a run to get vital Halloween supplies, is that the sounds of clip-clopping hooves you hear? Probably not, right?



Monster MashEdit

You and Jody head out on a late run into the apple orchard halfway between Abel and New Canton- and right in the middle of the new Fraternal Alliance Secure Zone. There hasn't been a single zom spotted in there since Tuesday, and New Canton are sending their kids over to trick-or-trick at Abel, so it's fine, right? You only have to worry about getting back before Simon starts doing the monster mash.

Runner FiveEdit

You're making good time, and Sam is equally impressed with your costumes- who thought some old rags and spare chicken wire would look so cool. And Jody's costume- Runner Five- made some really good use of sports bras. The orchard's right ahead. You're looking for some apples left behind by a field team prior. They'd brought enough home for the New Canton kids to eat... and then there was an apple eating contest and someone spilled a basket into a chicken coop. Janine thought that they should distribute scrap metal and safety matches, but with the new security setup it seemed like getting more apples was a better idea. Jody hears something, and even though there's nothing on the scanner, says she has a bad feeling and implores you to move quickly.

Headless ZombieEdit

There's no sign of any zombie activity. Jody is worried that it might not be a zombie- and not a ghost either, but rather the headless zombie: a former jockey who went grey while racing, and because his bond with his horse was so strong cutting his head off had no effect. Now he wanders around on the night of full moon, searching for his head. One of the New Canton Runners told her about it. She's freaked out, and wants to go home. Sam teases her, but is interrupted by a neigh. He suggests you leave. Now.

Big As A HorseEdit

Jody knew this was a bad idea, and she can see something ahead- a big, black, horse-like something. There's nothing on the scanners- Sam tries to zoom in on the camera, while Jody suggests and alternate route home.

It's Him!Edit

Sam wants to know if you can still see it- Jody can't and Sam tries to reassure her that it was probably just a trick of the light. Jody can still hear something, though, so Sam checks the cameras. Nothing before or behind you, but there's something to your left. He suggests not looking, but Jody does anyway, and then screams. It's him- the Headless Zombie! Time to run!


You aren't headed towards Abel any more- Sam isn't sure that the Headless Zombie is really worse than a regular one- after all, it can't bite you, right? No, but apparently it has a scythe which it uses to slice the heads off of the living. Where do you even get a scythe? That's besides the point: you need to get away from it. Sam points out that your plan of sneaking around it quietly was working until Jody screamed. You're about to try that again, when Jody notices the horse striaght ahead- time to run, with the Headless Zombie hot on your heels.

Light SnackEdit

Sam tries to navigate your way home, still incredulous about the whole scythe thing. Jody tells you to empty your pack, so that the horse will be distracted by the apples. The plan works, and you make your escape while the going's good.

Big CatEdit

It looks like you're in the clear- there's nothing left on the cameras, including the apples. Sam wonders why an evil undead demon zombie horse would go for apples rather than brains. Jody corrects him: the horse is just a regular horse. The only zombie animal in the area is one of the big cats which escaped from the local zoo at the start of the outbreak. Sam suggests that she tell that story when you're both safely back in Abel, but she assures him that the zombie cat hasn't been seen this far out. You can certainly hear something roaring, though, so run on back home.

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