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A Greater Threat Has Arrived




Runner 4 checks back in with Sam. She's barely outrunning the horde that's heading towards Abel. Sam fills her in on the situation, before calling all the other Runners to decoy duty. If they're not distracted, the zoms will destroy Abel when they arrive.


Runner 7 asks for a way to make noise. Sam agrees to send someone out with noisemakers. Runner 7 begins issuing orders to the other Runners, attempting to spread the horde out as best he can. Runner 4 reports back in: the horde is getting closer. Runner 8 arrives with the noise makers.

To The GorgeEdit

Runner 7 keeps track of all the Runners as they split up the horde. Sam asks Runner 7 if he was in the military, but he doesn't answer. Janine reveals that the huge horde is coming from Red Settlement, which recently fell to the zoms. Sam tells you and Runner 8 to keep heading towards the gorge.

Runner DownEdit

The Runners check back in with their progress. A pack of child-zombies surprise Runners 4 and 6, who falls to the swarm.

High GroundEdit

Sam tells you and Runner 8 to head to Imran Park, where a bridge over a gorge will give you an opportunity to trick the pack to plunging to their death. Runner 8 directs you to the top of a hill to see who is shooting


Runner 8 checks in with Sam from the high ground. Runners 4 and 3 are doing well. There are only a few zoms left advancing on Abel. Amongst them, Runner 8 sees a group of zoms working together to carry something. She asks you to confirm what she's seeing: the zoms are carrying a rocket launcher. As you report this fact back to Abel, the sound of rocket impacts fills your ears.


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