Leads for the cure are running dry, so today you're on the trail of some bees with Ellie and Runner 13

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Netrophil Activity Edit

You're starting today's mission in the rural idyll of New Canton's farms. But you do have a mission, and Runner 13 takes the lead to find a bee hive for scientific reasons. Maybe some honey too.

Other Side Of That Hill Edit

Ellie explains why you need to look for bees. No-one wants Veronica testing them, or baby Sara, for immunity to the zombie virus, so she's investigating all avenues; even clues from ancient manuscripts about bee stings.

It's Not Alone Edit

There are a few bees buzzing around as you make your way through a cornfield. Unfortunately it's not just bees with you in the field, there are some fast crawlers too!

Zombie Free Hive Edit

After making it out of the field you come across an active hive, but it comes an with additional zombie. You need that hive, so the inevitable 'angry, bee-covered zom' is worth the risk to get it.

Kill Zom, Secure Hive Edit

Cameo is not giving up on this hive, and rejects the suggestion to come back another day. There are some farm tools by a nearby barn that can be put to zombie-dispatching use.

Get Indoors Edit

You find some excellent sharp things for swift zombie beheading. Unfortunately the bees don't seem to like this, and the noise has attracted more zoms. You take refuge in another barn.

Roadtrip Edit

Once safe inside the barn you take a moment to reflect. Cameo misses Runner One; finding this hive together was part of a project they had. Despite not securing the hive today it's given Ellie a clue, and you'll be going on a roadtrip.

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