Phil has taken over from Nadia on comm; he guides Esteban and Runner 5 on their mission to Lem's house.



360 Degree ThinkersEdit

Esteban introduces himself and comments on Sam's protective instinct over his runners. Phil takes over from Nadia on comms and reveals you are heading to Lem's old house.

How Many Has Sam Lost?Edit

Esteban explains the reasoning behind the mission to Lem's house; New Canton want Nadia back on the job, and Phil mentions a tape in Lem's old house that will restore her faith in herself and others.

Ever Ask Why?Edit

Esteban authorises Nadia's temporary release to aid with the mission. He also voices his suspicion of Major de Santa and Janine, which Sam overhears.

Forward PlanningEdit

Sam notes Lem's wealth; Esteban clarifies that it was self-made. Having entered the house, Esteban is overwhelmed by Lem's copious accolades. Zombies are hot on your heels as you discover the signs that Lem has left for you, which lead to a dictaphone and a weapons cache.

A Fresh StartEdit

Phil and a subdued Nadia listen as Esteban plays the message Lem left on the dictaphone. You head back to talk with Nadia and make a fresh start.


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