Escaping from Abel while maintaining everyone's cover is no easy task

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Pick Up Those Stones Edit

Now you're not a zombie you'll need to escape. You can't head for the fence without blowing Veronica's cover, so you'll have to stage a zombie horde breakout.

Look A Bit Like A Zombie Edit

The plan involves collapsing the guards' viewing platform over the testing grounds. It's not ideal but it's the only plan there is, so you'll have to risk their lives.

Time For A Detour Edit

The soldiers fight off the zombies while you grab the hidden Netrophil note. Before picking up a bomb for the escape plan, Sam suggests a small detour to rescue Cameo from prison.

Waiting At The Labs Edit

Despite your authentic-looking (and smelling) zombie disguise, Cameo is pleased to see you. You release her and head to the labs.

Use That Chute Edit

As you're about to set up the bomb Amelia arrives in the comms room, casually suggesting the smuggler's chute she installed in the farmhouse study as a means of escape.

Safely Down! Edit

In the study Cameo and Steve decide not to come with you. Instead Steve plants a listening device in Ian's beloved Viscount biscuits and Cameo repurposes the bomb for a spot of iconoclasm.

Run On Home Edit

Sam suggests tuning into the bug in Ian's biscuits. Sigrid is very unhappy with how he's been running things while she's been away, and will be sending 300 elite soldiers to Abel to improve security.

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