Everything abut this mission screams horrible and creepy, but you need answers, and soon

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Something To Help Edit

Time to get back on track finding a cure for the zombie plague. Janine's interrogation of her brother isn't going so well, so you're on a secret 'Starlight Protocol' mission to find something that may help.

What Could Go Wrong Edit

You'll need something stronger than the usual drugs to break Tom's military training, and Nadia's found clues to just the thing from Moonchild's facility. Sam's not happy about this.

Zombie Poppins Brigade Edit

Sam's found some maps to the testing facility - except it's labelled as a 'creche'. You're spotted by a pack of uniformed zombie nannies, and make a quick escape.

Through The Mirror Edit

The backdoor to the creche leads to an observation room. Seems the 'subjects' from Moonchild's files were actually children. The Nannies have found you, and Janine smashes the two-way mirror to get out.

The H Vault Edit

Comansys definitely tested their drug on children, and it works. On the plus side the now-zombified nannies rescued all the kids before turning. Unfortunately the drugs were also removed, to somewhere called 'H Vault'.

Lead The Way Edit

You're running away from the zombie nannies again when suddenly they explode, courtesy of The Builder. There's no time to catch up though - The Builder knows where the drugs are.

Need To Go East Edit

Vault H was where Comansys saved important research, meaning it's locked up tight. The Builder employs his usual solution to inaccessible places; explosions. He offers some of his other skills to help with Tom, but Janine's not interested.

Yes I Can Edit

Sam and Nadia try to persuade Janine not to deal with Tom alone, but she threatens them with court-martial if they break Starlight Protocol. She will be doing this her way.

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