Following the footsteps of the Viking warriors with The Builder

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Go To The Wizard Loki Edit

You and The Builder begin at a sunken village near Kirkthwaite to search for clues about where the Vikings mentioned in the Edda might have travelled.

Our Enemies Are Ahead Edit

You're doing your best to follow the ages old directions from the Edda, while Sam and Ellie enjoy doing 'ye olde voices' a bit too much.

That's The Way To Go Edit

Once Ellie manages to decipher the Edda's next directions, you head towards a verdant hillock and avoid a pack of shamblers.

Coming In From The Left Edit

You discover the same blue flowers from Veronica's base. From there, the Edda directs you East towards a cliff.

Into The Earth Edit

The descriptions in the Edda of the 'wakened warriors' definitely sound like zombies. You follow the path outlined in the tale to a cave.

Not Giving Up Now Edit

Upon entering the cave you're descended on by zombies. The Builder doesn't hear more ahead, so you go deeper into the cave.

Tell You What I Think Edit

Sam and Ellie continue the story from the Edda; the wakened warriors turned on the Vikings, trapping them in the cave. Unfortunately The Builder missed a few overhead caves and now you're trapped by zombies too. The cave is blocking the comms signal, but suddenly another comes though... from Moonchild.

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