It's movie night, but it'll be a total snooze-fest unless you get some better films. Time for a trip to the cinema with Sam and Yinka

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

From Dusk Til Dawn Edit

The curtains are about to be raised on Abel Township's inaugural movie night, but there's just one snag - all the films you have are terrible! Time for a trip to the local multiplex with Yinka.

Behind Those Crashed Cars Edit

Only rats have visited this cinema recently. Sam and Yinka reminisce about old movies and bad TV shows.

A Bit Of The Past Edit

Yinka clearly knows this place like the back of her hand, but not just from visits pre-apocalypse; she came here looking for her parents. Yinka knows where the zoms should be, and how to avoid them.

Through The Screen Below Edit

The projection room is full of classic films. As Yinka's extolling the virtues of her dad's favourite, Janine's chastising Yinka for downplaying how dangerous this mission really is.

Hope You All Want To Live Edit

After climbing down through the theatre proper to escape the zoms Yinka apologises for bringing you here. She tells you she wanted to study film, and is at a loss for what to do now that's not possible.

How Are You At Acting? Edit

With a barricaded door separating you from the zoms Janine reminds you all about the protocol for 'unnecessary buildings'. Suddenly Yinka has an idea how she *can* make films - directing the first post-zombie apocalypse documentary!

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