Doctor Myers has a theory - and she wants a little company along the way, just to test it out.



Everybody WinsEdit

Maxine admires the beauty of the world outside her lab. Sam is sulky; the doctor tricked him into believing he was needed for a medical emergency, which allowed her to slip into the comms shack and raise the gates to sneak out. She claims she needed to get out the lab to clear her head, so this seemingly inconsequential mission to check out a jumbled message from Rofflenet seemed appropriate.

It's HerEdit

Maxine asks about what Sam believes to be co-ordinates from the Rofflenet data, and he explains that there may possibly be method behind the madness. You head towards the church to check out Sam's theory; as you approach you see someone walking around by herself outside - it's Paula.

Too LateEdit

Maxine and Paula are reunited and share a kiss through the bars of the gate. Sam is on edge; he wants you to check the perimeter of the church, suspecting this all to be a little too convenient. Maxine is focused on getting Paula over the gate to freedom, but Paula is apprehensive. Maxine reveals that she recognised her and Paula's old postcode written in the Rofflenet data with the co-ordinates, assuming it was a secret message from Paula. As a confused Paula is trying to answer Maxine, you hear the cock of a gun. It's Van Ark.

It's A Trap!Edit

Maxine bolts the door behind you. Paula begins to break down thinking of all the things she's done, but Maxine can relate, telling her about her zombie spray that's toxic to children. Sam warns you that about 20 of Van Ark's soldiers are present and that back up trucks are pulling up outside. Paula reveals that this is one of many of Van Ark's bases, and you all realise that he must have hacked into Rofflenet and planted the postcode as a trap to lure Maxine out. You reach the door to the woods, but have already been spotted.

Doctors Come FirstEdit

Sam urges you to split up. Maxine is to head back to Abel, Paula must head for the bridge to the right, since New Canton are on their way to pick her up. You've got to keep going straight - it's your job to create a decoy.

Don't Look BackEdit

You hear Maxine cry out - Van Ark's soldiers have captured her. Sam feeds Maxine's comms through to your headset as you to head towards their location so you can hear the action unfold. She stabs one of the soldiers with a kitchen knife and legs it, but Van Ark is hot on her heels, grasping an ominous syringe. Maxine throws you her knife as you appear on the scene and you slash his neck. As Sam reassuring you that you did the right thing by killing him, you all watch in horror as Van Ark's wound heals up in front of your eyes.

Stop Right ThereEdit

Sam and Maxine are cautiously optimistic that you have thrown off Van Ark and his cronies. Sam advises you to split up again, but you are all still reeling at the fact that Van Ark can regenerate; something Maxine suspects is to do with the treatments he's been getting. Sam lets you know that Paula is safe and heading over the bridge to New Canton and that Maxine is almost back at Abel. You, however, are surrounded, and this time there's no escape.

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