When Janine de Luca accompanies you on a mission, you know it must be vital. She's tracking down survivors of the zombie plague - but not everyone trusts her motives...



Post-Apocalyptic CensusEdit

Sam is disgruntled because he doesn't know what the day's mission is, but Janine reveals that this is an order from the Major herself to minimize panic. You must survey survivors living outside the township to the Major can build a case for keeping Abel's supply line open. Janine reveals she will be joining you in the field.

Lead Them OffEdit

Janine thinks there many be a new settlement forming in an old distillery. Despite the off-putting thought of British tequila, Sam requests that you bring back a crate. Janine wants to search the woods for survivors, but Sam is right in thinking they'll be teeming with the undead. Janine spots someone ahead of the swarm and wants you to distract the zoms so she can gather information from the survivor.

Is That A Clipboard?Edit

You evade the zoms by ducking into the wood on Sam's instruction. You reconvene with Janine who is tactlessy attempting to gather information from a shaken survivor called Iris.

Next Time It's Your HeadEdit

Sam is worried; you're too far into the woods for him to pick you up on the scanners. Janine calls out to a survivor who turns out to be not so friendly. He holds you at gun point, suspecting that you are involved in Van Ark's operations, which Janine takes as your cue to leave.

Not Another WordEdit

Janine informs Sam that you are nearly out of the woods - you reappear on his scanners along with a disconcertingly fast reading, which turns out to be a dog. Janine momentarily forgets herself in the presence of Baxter, but swiftly regains composure and questions her owner, who accidentally insults her farmhouse.

Too Much To AskEdit

You finally reach the distillery and Janine shouts up to one of the guards on the roof. He invites her up to sample some of Peppe's Finest British Tequila which she declines in exasperation. She finally accepts that the census is doomed to failure and decides that it's time to head home.


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