With the Minister listening in to all radio traffic, you need a private way to communicate. Maxine has just the solution

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

A Boy Can't Miss Muster Edit

You meet up with Steve, who fills you in on just how angry the Minister is. With him on special measures at Abel for your escape you've only got one hour to sneakily sabotage a relay station.

Get There Quickly Edit

Maxine and Paula discuss trust with Steve, and discover that food is being rationed at Abel to keep the populace subdued. If the plan to knock out the relay station works there'll be time to regroup.

Report Back On The Guards Edit

Everyone's going a little stir crazy living out of two camper vans. During a sleepless night Maxine's come up with a longer term plan for this relay. Steve's disappointed it doesn't involve explosions.

No Time To Waste Edit

There might be some explosions after all, of the distraction variety. That should give enough time to sneak into the relay station.

Only A Few Minutes Edit

Steve sets off his explosion too early, but if you're quick you can throw the smoke bombs inside the tower before the guards realise something's not quite right.

Head For The Third Floor Edit

Maxine's counting on the guards' institutional thinking to get them all to leave the building at the same time. They assume the bombs are a fire drill and file out.

Before They Come Back Edit

Inside the relay station you, Maxine and Paula hide signal bafflers. Steve sees a flaw in that the guards might search the tower once they realise there was no fire drill. Maxine's planned for this with a decoy unexploded bomb.

See You On The Other Side Edit

Once you're a safe distance away you try turning on the comms, and are greeted by Sam's uninterrupted dulcet tones. Your secret comms network is up and running!

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