Text Edit

Doctor Necropolis passed this to you, in case you can work anything out from it. Harry wrote it after he took the white powder, to record what happened to him.


Doctor Dee said it was the cure. The bite's hurting, it's really hurting, but maybe a bit less than it was. Come on, white powder, through my veins, keep my brains intact, come on. Brains. Am I losing my mind? Or am I cured? Something's burning, it feels like burning. Maybe that's the sign that I'm cured. Bain working. Brain. I'm cured. Come on. Doctor Dee said. I'm cured. Veins hurting. I'm cured. Less than it was. I'm cured. Intact. Losing my mind. I´m cured. I`m cured. I'm cured. I'm cured. I'm cured.

Mission Edit

The artefact can be found in Season 4 Mission 30: We Are Golden

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