Text Edit

Janine had this on file


I, Sam Yao, being of sound mind and body - well, mostly, I suppose - and because Janine insisted, do set down my wishes here in the event of my death. I mean, I don't really have anything of value to leave to anyone? Give Maxine all my stuff that she thinks the baby might like to see; there are some photos of my family in my box and my old phone which should have addresses and names in, except I haven't charged it for years. Nadia's been after my good headphones for ages, so she can have them. I don't know, everyone can have what they want!

Oh yeah though, I'm not much of a drinker, but I found six bottles of chocolate liqueur once in an abandoned house. They're under my bunk. Have a sickly-sweet party. Remember me. If there's anywhere we go after this, I'm there, still loving you all.

Mission Edit

The artefact can be found in Season 4 Mission 23: Goodbye To You

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