Today's mission: party supplies. Abel's newest resident will be having the best ever welcome party, especially if Janine's in charge

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Gates Up, Move Out Edit

Now Sam's back in the booth he wants to stay in the booth, but Janine's not having it. There will be at least some surprises for his daughter's baby shower!

Serious Baby Shower Thing Edit

Jody's worried about Janine, and turns off her headset to talk. While no-one's listening Jody and Dr Lobatse swap secrets - apparently your zombie-twin should have been a spy, and this is not just a baby-shower shopping trip.

Not Staying To Try Edit

In a very posh shop no-one bothered looting, is almost everything you need. Jody wheedles some information from Janine about the viking metalwork relating to extinct rodents, and you find a zombie-shaped tangle in some fairy lights.

Before You're Surrounded Edit

After fleeing the festive zombie your group moves on to a toy shop. The chatter about children is interrupted by... zombie children. You head to the back door to make your escape.

They Will Find A Way Edit

Your way out is blocked, but the child zoms aren't sure on their feet and you stop them with some fallen boxes. Janine's alternate route is no good either, so Dr Lobatse comes up with a plan involving crying dollies.

Don't Hesitate Edit

Using battery-powered trucks and crying dolls you successfully steer the baby zoms away. That is until the dolls stop crying.

Last Stop Today Edit

Jody and Janine try not to think about how these children became zombies. There's only one more child-zom between you and the door, and once you're past her you block them in.

Come On Home Edit

One last stop before you return - the museum shop. Sam reveals he's been listening as you pick up a few more baby things, and a stuffed Pika toy for Ellie's research. He decides to share the baby's name, and suddenly Janine is very upset.

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