Janine wants you to come with her on a secret mission to infiltrate a Netrophil hideout

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Infiltrate Netrophil Edit

Janine's not quite right as you both set off on this twilight mission. She tells you it's just a quick trip, nothing to worry about, you're just infiltrating Netrophil.

They've Smelled Us Out Edit

You're using a tunnel full of zoms that can see in the dark as a shortcut. Janine thinks all the secrets have turned her into a consipracy theorist, but she's got to stay one step ahead of the Ministry.

Certain I'm Better Edit

Still in the tunnel Janine describes her greatest failure in the field; hurting innocents because she misread a situation. Tom helped her with the subsequent breakdown and she's definitely better now.

A Great Deal Of Distance Edit

Janine tells you she's disobeyed Ministry orders to anonymously contact Netrophil agents and find the meeting place you've just entered. She hopes to properly interrogate one of the agents.

Discover The Truth Edit

There's nothing here and Janine's upset. She desperately wants to continue, but suddenly Sam's on comms. He's noticed your headset transmission. Janine turns it back off, betrayed, but still warns you about two approaching zoms.

Come Home, That's An Order Edit

Janine can't make sense of this, the whole place has been wiped clean, but there's been recent activity here too. There must be a clue to find. Meanwhile, Sam's tapped into the facility's loud speakers, and tries to calm Janine down, ordering her back to Abel.

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