No-one's happy about today's retrieval missions, but it's just what good friends do

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Things We Need To Do Edit

Jody is your operator today, but she'd rather not be. Amelia reminds her sometimes being a good friend means facing hard truths. You set off to find Sam.

Some Peace Edit

Janine couldn't rest for this mission, so joins Jody and Amelia. She feels guilty Tom is alive and Sam is not, especially because Tom hasn't given them any useful information yet.

When We Find Him Edit

Amelia and Jody remark on how surreal it is that Sam's being honoured in such an official way, and that he'd think it was hilarious.

When It's Done Edit

Veronica has a favour to ask - if you see your zombie twin, try to take a tissue sample. She also has some messages of condolence which Jody can't bear to hear until the mission is done.

Better Get Away Edit

Now you're getting closer Maxine's also on comms - she can't sit and do nothing while this particular mission happens. You've picked up some Zoms you need to lose before moving in.

He Hasn't Turned Yet Edit

Amelia dispatches packs of zoms with efficiency as you arrive at Sam's location. The three of you search for while before finding Sam in a dumpster... and he hasn't turned yet.

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