As New Canton's Runner 5, your mission to London has left you hunted, friendless, and trapped underground.





Safe PassageEdit

You're being chased and fired upon. Diane calls off the attack for fear of the roof caving in, and then tells you that you've run down a dead end, and there's no way out of the underground. If you give her the device, she'll let you go. You're rescued by a man who beckons you to a service entrance that's escaped her notice.

Might Be Worth HelpingEdit

You're in a sewage tunnel, which ComanSys seems to think is collapse. Hopefully, it'll hold out until you're through. Your rescuer introduces himself as Tony the tube rat, and says he's heard of you. You've got an army on your tail, and no one is helping you anymore, because Elephant & Castle was bombed because no one would say for sure whether or not you were there. Tony only considers helping you to be worth the risk because you've got something which repells the zombies.

Get Out Of LondonEdit

The smell of the sewers has gotten worse since they started getting full of corpses. Tony knows a lot about the sewers because he lived down here even before the outbreak. That's how he can help you- he knows the underground system better than just about anyone. You want out of London and so does he- so you can work together.

They're Just...GoneEdit

Their are zombies closing in, so Tony suggests turning on your tone-control device. Tony is overjoyed by the sight of the zombies running away. You climb into an abandoned train, where Tony suggests ways to test the limits and uses of the device- namely, by getting in really close before turning it on to see if that would make their heads explode. Tony guesses that you couldn't get your ride out because there are roadblocks set up out on London- no one can get out while they're looking for you. Apparently you exploded a car at someone, and that impressed Tony enough to seek you out. He's also afriad, because people are going to sleep and then getting up and leaving- something is taking over the city, person by person.

Get In PositionEdit

You're above ground now, and there are rows and rows of people marching. They're unable to be distracted. Tony demonstates by hitting a man with a stone- he doesn't react. Whoever is responsible for this has been sending out people to run at around this time- if you and Tony can be convincing enough soldiers, you might be able make your escape this way.

Stop NowEdit

A tone sounds, causing everyone to break into a run. You and Tony fall into step. Tony finds the running in silence creepy. Suddenly the halt is sounded. You've been found out, but the exit is right there. You and Tony keep running, as Diane threatens to shot you both if you don't stop. Tony thinks they're too far away- but is interrupted by being shot. There's the sound of gunfire, and then another tone, and then nothing. Is this the end for Canton 5?

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