A key resident of Abel is missing, presumed dead. Not everyone's given up hope, though, and a crucial clue may finally have been unearthed.



Look After YourselvesEdit

You are greeted by Runner 3 and Amber, who says Eugene is due imminently with Janine's itinerary form. They voice their concern for Eugene just as he appears, but he insists he's just a little tired.

Three HostilesEdit

Runner 3 and Amber tell you to slow down and look around. Amber spots something on the scanner and, despite Eugene's desire for you to keep searching, advises you head into the woods.

They're Behind YouEdit

You keep heading for the higher ground as instructed by Amber, but Eugene is adamant that you search the river-bed. This surprises Amber, who asks Eugene to explain. Amber relents when she realises this is about Jack and orders you to the river-bed, despite the hostiles being on your tail.

It's HisEdit

Runner 3 describes the site; you find Runner 12's jacket and the ground is scattered with shell casings. Amber tactfully cuts him off has he begins to describe how the zombies would have come out of the nearby woods. You follow a trail to some rocks, lodged in which Runner 3 finds a shoe. Horrified, Eugene recognises the description as one of Jack's.


You follow the muddy footprints through the trees. Runner 3 notices an abundance of expertly executed zombie traps before the trail goes cold. Amber suggests you fan out to search the undergrowth when Runner 3 stubs his toe on the bloodied, broken handle of Jack's cricket bat.

Downton AbbeyEdit

You are shot at as you run through the trees. You meet the shooter, Powell, and Eugene's keen for you to learn as much as you can from him about what happened. You hear zombies approaching, so Powell offers to put you up for the night in the house.

Leave Them To ItEdit

Powell reminds you to stick to the path, since there are zombie traps set up all around the state. He recognises Jack's bat from the river-bed and recounts what happened: zombies swarmed the area, but Jack stood his ground so the others could escape. Just as it seems like the unspeakable has happened, Powell reveals that he saved Jack, who is up at the house. Powell announces your arrival and you are greeted by Bella and an unscathed Jack.


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