A thriving local settlement has turned into a ghost town. What secrets lurk in its silent streets?



Something's HappenedEdit

You and Runner 3 check your zombie sprays are working. Now that the fuel for the planes is safe, it's time to familiarise yourselves with the effects of the formula, so you head out towards a cluster of buildings on the horizon that have been causing Sam concern.

Just Keep MovingEdit

Sam fills you in on the settlement you are approaching, which seems to have disappeared from Rofflenet. Runner 3 is unperturbed, but Sam persists; apparently a prolific link poster lives there who has become suspiciously quiet of late. The settlement's gate is open, so you head in to investigate. It is eerily quiet, and you spot unmistakable signs that this place was abandoned in a hurry.

Locked And LoadedEdit

Runner 3 is panicked by the Marie-Celeste style mystery unfolding in front of you, but Sam spots someone to your right and sends you after them. Runner 3 prepares himself for battle.

Grab That Door...Edit

Runner 3 fires, only to find that his target is in fact Jamie - lucky he is a terrible shot. Jamie explains that Carena and Jasper have run away again; they used to live in this town, and Jamie suspects that they are hiding in their old house. Runner 3 spots a barn which seems like a likely hiding place. You hand Jamie a spare headset and head on in. You're greeted by an eerie horde as the zombie control tone rings out. Time to run.

He Turned The ChildrenEdit

It becomes clear that this is Van Ark's doing. As Sam advises you to head towards the school, you hear Carena cry out as she runs towards you. Unfortunately she is not alone; to everyone's horror, all the children have been turned into zoms and are heading your way.

It's Risky...Edit

Carena tells a distraught Jamie that Jasper has been bitten, but Runner 3 is more concerned by the zombie kids having cut off your escape route. Jamie takes the tank of formula with the plan to climb up the rafters in the barn and spray the zombie kids from above as they chase after him.

She Can't BreatheEdit

Jamie's plan is successful; the spray is working, but you have to keep running - it could take the zombie kids a while to die. Jamie jumps from the rafters as the undead begin to collapse, torn up by what he's just had to go through. Sam tries to find a silver lining by reminding him that he saved Carena, but as Jamie reprimands her, she begins to choke.

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