You’ve crossed Van Ark too often: now he’s out for revenge. He means to annihilate Abel, and he has the army of mind-controlled zombies to do it.



They're ComingEdit

Sam and Janine voice their apprehension about the impending attack, however Janine has hope, believing that Abel knows how Van Ark operates and what his motives are, meaning that they may have a chance. Runners 3, 4, 7 and 8 concur jovially. Jack knocks on the door of Sam's shack, informing him that he has received a message over the rofflenet; Van Ark's zombies are coming, and you're heading out to meet them.

Straight For AbelEdit

Runner 4 is concerned that you're running straight towards a bunch of fast zoms; the other runners reassure her until they spot about 500 zombies heading your way. Runner 7 orders you to spread out, and Sam forces himself to remain calm as he sees the undead speeding up and heading straight for Abel.


Major de Santa checks that you and the rest of the runners are in position and briskly sweeps aside Runner 4's concerns; you're all armed with the doctor's latest formula which the she reassures you will at least slow the zoms down, possibly even make them less susceptible to remote instruction. Janine just hopes that the formula works on the hoard at the back that are carrying guns.


The Major orders you to take position as you reach the valley. It is time; you must run through the zombie phalanxes, spraying the undead with the doctor's formula. To everyone's horror, the zombies start to speed up, and the ones at the back part to reveal a rocket launcher.

Pull TogetherEdit

Maxine is terrified; she reveals that she did not have time to test this latest batch. Sam suggests heading for the trees, since you've seen no proof that zombies can climb them; the Major agrees, conceding that Abel can't defend against this attack there's no point in wasting lives on an unwinnable battle. As Sam begins his final goodbyes, Nadia interrupts his transmission; New Canton has 50 runners heading your way, armed with noisemakers, pistols and sonic bafflers.

The Harder They FallEdit

Nadia is disturbed by the formula's effect on the zoms as the New Canton runners begin a firearm assault. Esteban notices that the zombies in the northwest quadrant are beginning to fall an asks Sam if there is an Abel firing squad at work, but Sam says that this is not the case. The runners start to notice zombies dropping all around them, unable to control their twitching limbs, and Abel and New Canton begin to rejoice as Maxine's formula seems to be melting the zoms' brains right out of their heads.

The MajorEdit

The Major gives a rousing speech to the Fraternal Alliance. The war is not over; you have sustained many losses and lost good friends, but this mission has proved that there is hope for the human race. Today is the beginning of the end.




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