It's not your usual kind of mission this time, as you're taken on a tour around some new settlements

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Willing To Pay The Price Edit

You and Maxine meet up with Imogen Li for a Ministry-sanctioned tour of some rebuilt settlements. Kendra Armitage is your operator for the day.

Putting On A Show Edit

It seems the tour is more about parading the heroes of Ice Cream Cone Tower than inspecting the progress made in the settlements. For the sake of morale, you and Maxine play along.

Just Smile And Wave Edit

Maxine remarks there are a lot of elderly folks in the town, who Imogen proceeds to use in a photo-op. Maxine can't shake the feeling something's not quite right here.

Alright With Heights? Edit

Imogen waxes lyrical about the Minister, but Maxine is far less impressed. It turns out you're not just here for publicity, there's a project to help with too.

They'll Love This Edit

Actually, the project is just more publicity - cutting the ribbon to open the settlement. Unfortunately your celebration is cut short by the arrival of two zoms.

Some Real Morale-Boosting Edit

You're on your own with this problem. Kendra privately confides that she has doubts about the Ministry too, but thinks they do more good than bad.

How Does She Do That? Edit

Once you're back from zombie distraction duty, Imogen takes you and Maxine to an old school where they're trying to match up lost children with their familes. This reassures Maxine that everything really is okay here.

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