Getting hold of the Exmoor Militia's requested item involves breaking into a very unusual mansion

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Get In There And Get Moving Edit

Outside Brackenridge Oates Hall, Jody goes over the plan with you, Amelia, and Lou, who set up the security system you'll need to get through. You and Amelia will set up bafflers while Lou gets the new security code.

Run East, Go! Edit

First baffler in place, Amelia suggests listening in to Lou's progress getting the security code from Minxie Arcane, much to Jody's embarrassment.

Don't Have Time Edit

Jody's very excited to see a Millennium Falcon replica once cams are up; it seems this place is full of film sets. Meanwhile Lou's tactics continue to make Jody uncomfortable, which Amelia loves.

Pure Muscle Edit

You and Amelia meet up with Lou and use the code to gain access to a room filled with all sorts of treasures, including the box you need. You'll have to hurry because a security guard's on her way.

Through The Back Of The Set Edit

Fleeing from the guard, Emma, stops abruptly when it turns out she knows Lou *intimately*, and doesn't care if you take things. More guards are coming, so you turn on the bafflers and run.

Lovely Little Doomsday Device Edit

There's a few minutes in hand before the guards catch up, so Amelia and Lou take that time to find out what's in the box. It's a communications device, with the words 'nuclear button' written on it...

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