The last remaining secret way into Abel is a set of spooky tunnels used for dubious experiments, so you need to check they're safe

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

If It's Safe Edit

Veronica's secret way into Abel is through some old WWII era tunnels. Sigrid used them to conduct some of Veronica's less ethical, hypothetical, experiments. You'll need to determine if it's safe.

Jody Can't See It Yet Edit

The tunnels give off a definite 'mad scientist' vibe. Moonchild thinks Veronica is mad, how do you know you aren't too? Moonchild tells you something's following you, but Jody can't see it yet.

Left Turn. Left Turn. Edit

Jody and Maxine are missing Sam. Moonchild questions whether Veronica's telling the truth about not doing these experiments herself. You turn left, but the thing is still following you.

That Thing Is Still Coming Edit

You can't take the direct route through these tunnels because it's full of acid. On the indirect route you discover Owen's dismembered arm. Jody promises to re-bury him. The thing is still coming for you through the acid.

It Wasn't Normal Edit

Amelia takes over comms while Jody organises the other runners. Tom tells Amelia the tunnels were shut down after some sort of paranormal science experiment went wrong. Amelia can see something following you, so you need to run!

Keep Moving Edit

Jody arrives back in the comms room. She and Amelia can both see something flickering on the monitors. Even if there is something there you can't turn back now, you'll just have to keep moving.

Rescue Sam Edit

The team of runners found a quicker way through a subsidiary tunnel and you meet up with them, locking your route off. Time to get on with the rest of the plan.

Press A Little Button Edit

You make it to Sigrid’s rooms to enter the command code, despite being noticed by Abel’s skeleton crew of guards. Tom opens a line to the airships and Jody declares Abel retaken. Instead of fighting, Sigrid simply leaves. Unfortunately Ian’s still here, and he’s holding Sam hostage with a zombie dirty bomb.

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