There are more strenuous tests to pass at Xia-Hifa before you can make it to head office

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Take That Printout Edit

Wearing your specially printed T-shirt, you gain access to Xia-Hifa's induction facility. To gain a good clearance level you'll have to complete yet more tests.

Leave The Mustard Pickles Edit

Sam informs you you're doing well on the first (weird) test. Unfortunately some nearby zombies suddenly increase the difficulty.

Other Side Of The Warehouse Edit

As you complete your test, Sam reminisces about the simple times before the zombie apocalypse, when all anyone had to worry about was haemorragic flu.

Head Up Those Stairs Edit

The computer seems pleased with your progress, so you can move on to Level 3 assignments, like making coffee!

Grab That Coffee And Go Edit

Sam is distracted from zombie watching by a barista-style coffee machine. You dispatch the zombiefied office worker who snuck up on you *and* successfully make coffee.

Cut Through The Arboretum Edit

Your run-in with a zombie at the coffee machine has affected your stats, so the computer has one more test - collect a vial and make more drinks.

Winning The Human Race Edit

Sam's looked up this mysterious vial and it contains some kind of neurotoxin. You're instructed by another computer, introduced as ANNIE, to add drops from the vial to the drinks, and with that you've passed the test.

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