To acquire an urgently needed flu vaccine, you'll first need to enter a strangely high-security factory to... get a T-shirt printed?

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Two, One, Go! Edit

Junin 2 winter flu season is fast approaching, and big pharma company Xia-Hifa is the only place with a vaccine. To gain access you’ll need one of their special biometrically coded T-shirts.

Main Entrance. Now. Edit

Your group successfully makes it inside the T-shirt factory perimeter, but only you can enter through the front door. Janine, Maxine and Sam will have to sneak in.

Energised Employee Edit

Once inside the factory you're welcomed as Xia-Hifa's newest employee by a computer. You'll have to pass its test if you want to continue to be 'employed' though.

Lined By Red Lights Edit

While you wait for the computer to analyse your data you're interrupted by a zombified hen party. Sam suggests you skip ahead to the next step of your induction.

Attracted By That Siren Edit

Zombie-hens evaded, you can start printing your T-shirt. Unfortunately there's a spanner in the works, or more accurately, a zombie stuck in the machine.

Sort It Out At This End Edit

You and Sam remove the zombie shaped obstruction, but you're in the wrong place to complete registration, and need to go collect your T-shirt quickly!

The Last Hope Edit

The printer was not optimised for 'zombie bits' and is now slightly on fire, but you've got your T-shirt and have completed orientation. With the machine destroyed, this will now be the one and only chance to get this vaccine.

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