To win back Abel and stop the Minister's plans you're going to need powerful allies. Luckily Amelia has some...

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Don't Be Late! Edit

It's your first real outing with Amelia and she's enjoying it much more than everyone else. She'll help make a deal with Utopia Labs, but only if you lean in to your new reputation as evil renegades.

Then Repeat! Go! Edit

Utopia Labs certainly lives up to its name. Amelia introduces you to Manisha and Keith, but it turns out Paula already knows them from her work with Van Ark. Amelia heads off to talk business while the rest of you go for a run with your new friends.

Feel This Tomorrow Edit

Apparently Jody knows Manisha and Keith too. She and Chris McShell met them in the early days of the apocalypse. Manisha was recently contacted by a McShell at Abel, and thinking it was Chris, sent over Van Ark's surviving notes.

Towards The Ornamental Bridges Edit

Paula and Keith reminisce about a game they played together during their pre-apocalypse down time, but are interrupted by an explosion taking down Utopia Labs' fence.

Ginseng Tea And Massage Edit

Manisha and Keith are so impressed with your zombie herding skills they offer Paula their plasmapheresis machine. Jody's suspicious after there's no further attack.

Molina's Been Attacked! Edit

As the plasmapheresis machine's handed over Amelia arrives to suggest it's time to leave, and leave very quickly. The lab's leader has been attacked!

Going To Die Edit

A safe distance away Amelia owns up to attacking Utopia Labs' leader. Keith has snuck away to give Paula the information sent to 'McShell' at Abel. The emails reveal Veronica's working on a cure and vaccine for the Ministry, but for that she needs the Viking zombie inside Abel's locked labs.

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