Ellie Maxted is the original Runner 4. She was a Social Anthropologist before the apocalypse, specializing in drug use and colonization in Latin America. She expresses regret over not going into biological sciences instead of social anthropology, but her expertise in the previous viking apocalypse proves invaluable. She was friends with Cynthia Hill many years earlier, "before Facebook and in the absence of Buzzfeed quizzes." Ellie is Muslim.

Season Three Edit

In "Mambo Number Five," Maxine and Sam recall that they rescued Ellie from the university. Because of the confusion between Ellie's and Ellis' names, Maxine suggested using numbers. Ellie picked number 4 for herself.

Season Four Edit

Ellie returns to New Canton to help split them into smaller settlements and provide information about the viking apocalypse. She joins Runner 5 on an expedition to the nearby university library to retrieve books on hypnosis. She reveals that she treks out to the library every other day to rescue books from rot and looters, always picking a few random books to grab.

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