Archie and Runner 5 peel off from a large group of decoy runners in order to explore a small plant and lab facility believed to belong to Van Ark.

Unlocks: Tall Radio Tower



Top SecretEdit

You're with a large group of runners from both Abel and New Canton. The Major reprimands Runner 3 for his light hearted attitude in the face of today's crucial mission to Van Ark's base at Lindland lake. The Major instructs a group of New Canton runners to launch a decoy to distract Van Ark's soldiers while you and Archie peel away to commence your top-secret-hush-hush-ultra-important mission.

No Soldiers, Just ZombiesEdit

Sam directs you through an orchard, where Maxine reveals there is a small plant and lab facility - this is where the old tone generating box your found a few months ago originated. Sam cracks a joke that Archie does not understand - what she does understand however is the clear and present danger of the fast zombies heading your way.

Partial IntelEdit

You use your whistle to distract the zombies so Archie can go inside on a recce. Sam tests out Janine's new signal booster to see if he can get a good view of the dead flowers that Archie is so delightfully describing. It works, and he watches as she navigates to the primary lab where, to the Major and Maxine's delight, she finds a room full of tone devices much more sophisticated than the one you found, along with a book of research notes about tonal patterns.

Very Important DataEdit

Sam suggests Archie gets her skates on since the zoms are gaining on you outside. Maxine is eager to hear Archie's report: she reveals that Van Ark can change the tone-reponse in the zoms remotely. Suddenly you hear the lab's speakers emit an ominous tone and Sam informs you that the whole hoard is now heading for Archie.

Chop Chop!Edit

Sam is desperate for you to find a tone that the zoms chasing Archie will respond to, but Maxine knows that it will not work. Archie barricades herself in the lab as Sam attempts futilely to imitate the tone control. Maxine realises that Van Ark must have changed the pitch and tone of the commands, but luckily Archie manages to recode a tonal device which knocks over all the zombies. You must clear the zombies from the door to allow Archie to escape.


Sam reassures Archie, letting her know that you've lured away some of the zoms. Just as things are starting to look up, the tones change and the zombies outside suddenly reanimate - one knocks her out before slinging her over its shoulder. The Major orders you to abandon the mission despite Sam's insistance that you can still save Archie, but Van Ark's chopper suddenly descends from the sky to pick up an unconscious Archie. He confirms Maxine's realisation that you played right into his hands.


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