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Information Exchange


An Unimportant Mission

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Test out Lem's radio



Testing Lem's RadioEdit

Janine and Sam bicker about the reasons behind an injury on an earlier run. Janine then lets you know that you'll be on a run for tech supplies, but that you'll be listening in on Lem's New Canton headset whilst you do so.

Janine's SecretEdit

Janine regrets having to use subterfuge against New Canton, but admits it is necessary given their seeming desire to attack Abel. Sam asks if she knew anyone in New Canton before the outbreak, but Janine responds that she kept herself to herself, as she wishes she still could. Sam teases her about a photograph he found of Janine in a bikini with an old boyfriend. As you arrive at the warehouse full of tech supplies, Lem's headset crackles into life.


Over Lem's headset, you hear Nadia coaching some New Canton runners to use flares to distract zombies. This leads the zombies into your path. Sam and Janine tell you to run.

Conflicting OrdersEdit

Nadia celebrates Runner 49's killing of a zombie with a flare, which attracted other zombies to it. She mourns Lem's loss. Sam and Janine discuss whether New Canton are evil in their intentions. They disagree over which way you should run to flee approaching zombies.


Having escaped the zombies, you continue to overhear Nadia's transmissions. You hear her expressing her distrust of Abel, and discussing New Canton's plans to raid Abel for supplies next week.


The use of Lem's radio, causes friction between Nadia and Runner 5.

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