You've got that sinking feeling... careful not to get in over your head

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Back Onto The Science Boat Edit

Sam and Janine give you directions to Louise and the speedboat, but you’ll have to carry Maxine as she’s still out of it.

Going Down Edit

As you reach the Ariadne, sister ship of the Aurora, you hear more screaming. Someone is still being tortured below deck.

We'll Work That Out Edit

It's clear that you won’t make it off the boat before it sinks, unless you jump. You and Paula will need to support Maxine once you hit the water.

A Burst Of Speed Edit

You scramble to escape before the vortex pulls you under. If you don’t get to Louise in the next six minutes, she’ll have to leave without you.

They're Coming In Edit

With the aid of Paula, you clamber up towards to top of the ship, carrying Maxine with you. You see daylight through the windows above. And zombies.

Airtight Edit

The man who was being tortured calls to you. He has an inflatable dinghy which could save your lives.

That's My Five Edit

The voices of your companions slip in and out of focus. The dinghy is launched, you just have to find it and hold on.

Last Hope Edit

Everyone is in the lifeboat. Once you’re aboard, you find out that Albert, the man who was being tortured, has not been held here against his will. Nor has Maxine.

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