Dr Lobatse and Steve's cover is running out, so Janine sends you on a combined rescue and scouting mission

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Godspeed Edit

Now the Minister's true intentions for taking Abel are clear you've got to stop her getting into Abel's labs. You've also heard from Steve that Dr Lobatse is in danger. The plan is to infiltrate Abel via a supply transport, and rescue Dr Lobatse - in under an hour.

Keep Pace With It Edit

As usual plans go awry when the transport driver doesn't stop for Peter's 'Ministry' check, and goes through his road block. You'll have to run after the truck!

Not All Crawlers In That Field Edit

Janine blames Amelia's out of date intel for this setback, but there's no time to argue as she's missed the field of zoms you're now in. The truck's driving a bit carefully, so you should be able to intercept it.

Won't Be Getting Bitten Edit

Jumping on to a moving truck is a risk, so Janine comes up with a distraction plan involving a small horde of zombies.

A Burst Of Speed Now Edit

Paula's ready to be the bait in this zombie-based plan, but that doesn't mean she's looking forward to it.

Towards The Woods Edit

You lead the horde towards Paula, and the plan works! You're safely in the back of the truck and on your way to Abel. Suddenly Moonchild's in your ear; this all seems too easy.

A Little Word Edit

You're almost at the 'punishment huts' when you're stopped by Steve and Ian. On Ian's orders Steve tases you so you can't get away. The plan's failed.

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