You, The Minister and Veronica try to make it out of The Black Vault with maximum intel and minimum loss of life

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Take Her Arm And Go Edit

You're still cornered by Dedlocks in the Black Vault with The Minister and Veronica. The Minister cuts herself so the newly-zombified Dedlock follows her, while you and Veronica make your escape.

Got Through! Edit

You and Veronica have ended up running further into the vaults when Sam gets the emergency lights on. Veronica sees the Minister ahead through some grating, and after a bit of effort and some arguing she's through, closely followed by that zombie.

Back This Way Edit

The Minister's not sure where you are so tasks you with scouting ahead to protect Veronica. Hearing how important she is causes Veronica have a crisis of confidence, and suddenly you're cut off by zombies again.

Can't Take Them All Out Edit

Your group shakes the zoms again, and The Minister gives Veronica a pep-talk about making the hard decisions. The Minister's cut is making it easy for the zombies to find you, but as they do Owen comes to your rescue in a storm of bullets.

Let's Do It Edit

Sam directs you around the Dedlocks in the house, but he and Veronica object to blowing them up. The Minister gives a 5 minute warning for the Dedlocks to get out, and you and Owen go to find the Australia files.

Attracted More Zombies Edit

You give thanks to the MI5's love of filing and quickly grab the file. You and Owen get clear of the explosion just in time. No time to rest, as more zombies are on their way.

Don't Tell Them I Burned It Edit

Once you're clear of the zombies Owen finds an excuse to remove your headset so you can talk privately. He knows his mum's alive and doesn't need a bit of paper to prove it. It'll be your secret how the file got burned.

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