The Major has a top secret mission for you and a select bunch of Abel runners. She's chosen you for a reason.



Meet At The RendezvousEdit

You're on a team with Runners 3, 7, 8 and, to Sam's surprise, Runner 10, Jamie, who has warmed to the idea of helping out not that the spray is no longer toxic to children. Abel must establish a what went wrong with the doctor's first batch of trans-variant spray - until then all test operations have been suspended. Your mission today is very important - not even Sam knows what you're getting yourselves in for.

Get MovingEdit

The Major is waiting for you in the forest to explain your top secret mission. Key equipment is arriving at Bert Airfield that will be used to try to determine what went wrong with the doctor's spray. Runners 3 and 10 will bring the equipment onboard back to Abel. You, 7 and 8 will refuel the plane before Runner 7 flies it to a secure location near New Canton. For security reasons, no radio communication will be permitted with Sam, so you're on your own.

Zombie PinataEdit

Runner 8 is talking on a comms device a little way head of you - seems like she wasn't aware of your presence. You catch up with her and she ushers you on towards the entrance to the airfield, changing the subject by drawing attention to a crashed plane as you run past. Unfortunately the plane's carcass is full of the undead, so it's time to scoot.

Right On TimeEdit

Runner 8 shoots the last of the zombies as you bump into Runner 7, who seems to have brought his dog with him on a mission once again. You see the plane approaching on the horizon.

Take Them OutEdit

A line from the fuel supply has been connected to the plane. As Runner 7 asks you to run to the depot, Bonnie starts to bark - fast zombies are heading towards the runners carrying the equipment. They are too weighed down to speed up, so you've got to draw the zoms away. Runner 8 tosses you her side arm as you set off on decoy duty.

Quick As We CanEdit

You hear gunfire - Runner 7 assures you that the majority of the zombies have been mowed down and that Jamie should be able to handle the rest. You all head back to the plane - you need to leave before any more zoms show up.

Get Out Of HereEdit

Just as the plane is almost finished refuelling, fifty fast zoms loom on the horizon. You all scramble to get into the plane, but Runner 7 has other ideas; he climbs in alone, claiming there is only rooms for one more - for you, if you like - however he is not heading back to Abel. This the chance he's been waiting for to finally escape to his private island in the Caribbean.

Nowhere To HideEdit

Runner 7 admires your brave choice to stay behind and protect Abel. He offers you his pack full of weapons and gives you the code for his secret weapons cache before bidding you farewell. After his departure, it's you and Runner 8 versus a huge army of fast zoms with nowhere to hide.

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