You and Own respond to a distress call, and in the process uncover yet more secrets

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Be Careful With It Edit

The Ministry has put out a general call for assistance to rescue a baby left alone in a house - you're heading there with Owen.

A Burst Of Speed Edit

Owen talks about his childhood, and wonders whether you're running into a trap.

What Was This Guy Into? Edit

Sam tells you the book you found in Moonchild's bunker reveals the original Edda was censored. The house is like a paradise in a post apocalypse wasteland - except for the Netrophil signs everywhere.

Take The Baby Edit

You enter the house to find the baby safe and sound, but her father was shot at close range. The body is still warm, and it sounds like the killer might be upstairs.

Must Be The Murderer! Edit

As you flee, a group of zombies follows. Owen theorises about who would shoot a father, but is cut short when Sam spots a man with a gun chasing after you.

A List of Netrophil Agents Edit

Sam starts panicking until you're joined by a familiar voice: The Builder. It was him in the house, there to rescue the baby. He reveals the baby's father was a double-agent, assassinated by Netrophil to stop him talking. The Builder takes the baby and leaves. Once you're alone Owen shares a list of Netrophil agents he found hidden in the garden.

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