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MONCRIEFE: This is the story of a British success. In these days of industrial unrest, those aren’t words you hear very often. But Comansys are the exception to every rule. They’re the shining light on the hill that will guide our country to a brighter future. Or so we’ve always been told. It’s certainly what Comansys’s employees believe. I spoke to junior researcher Diana Duncan-Petley.

DUNCAN-PETLEY: It’s entirely new ground: manipulating human emotional responses and motivation.

MONCRIEFE: I hope you won’t mind my saying that sounds a little ominous.

DUNCAN-PETLEY (laughs): Oh, it’s nothing sinister. Just a programmed aversion. We’ve developed a device that people find... unpleasant to be around. They naturally shy away from it.

MONCRIEFE: Doesn’t sound terribly useful.  

DUNCAN-PETLEY: Well, imagine you had one on the fridge you could control at will. Feeling a bit peckish when you’re supposed to be dieting? Simple! Switch on our device and binge eating will be a thing of the past!

Mission Edit

The artefact can be found on Season 3 Mission 7: Life's A Happy Song

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