With zombies closing in, you've got to get away. But what's the safest route?

Choice Mission
Choice 1

Go over the zombies

Choice 2

Repel the zombies

Choice 3

Run through the zombies

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Good Landing Edit

Veronica lowers you and Nadia down to the zombie infested Comansys building, as you all debate whether this is a good idea or not.

Here Comes The Real Data Edit

You and Nadia break into the building and cover yourself with Veronica’s spray. You have twenty minutes to explore the building and gather information.

Turn On The Alarm Edit

Nadia finds some interesting information; a name (Laetitia Greenwald) and someone’s diary. Sam suggests you sound an alarm as a zom distraction.

Get Out Of There Edit

As you approach the alarm, Nadia reads out portions of the diary remotely as she attempts to retrieve any info she can from the Comansys computers.

Those Zombies... Edit

You return to Nadia - she hasn’t finished getting all the files, but Sam demands you leave now, before the pheromone spray wears off.

The Right Choice Edit

Sam invites Veronica back to Abel, but she decides to stay behind and continue her experiments. Nadia drops her bombshell; she’s staying with Veronica.

Time To Run Edit

Choice: Go over the zombies
Veronica and Nadia launch you in the hang glider. Sam suspects that this is a terrible idea, but you float towards the break in the trees. The glider takes some damage as it flies through the forest branches and you plummet to the ground. Luckily you land safely beyond the zombies. They’re coming for you, though. Time to run.
Choice: Repel the zombies
Veronica douses you in her zombie pheromone mixture and hands you a vial of a second mixture. One that will make zombies smell human. As you climb down the tree Sam suggests you test it out, so you do so. It works! The zombies turn on each other. A perfect distraction for you to run through the throng.
Choice: Run through the zombies
Veronica and Nadia explain the plan. They will launch molotov cocktails at the zombie horde to thin their numbers while they run through the gap. Sam directs you around the firestorm and you make it through the throng.

Run Home Edit

You’ve escaped the zombies, now you just have to run home. Sam tells you that you’ve done amazing work and that you’re becoming a bit of a legend around Abel. So much so, that he doesn’t want to lose you. Amelia has sent a bike to pick you up. It will arrive in three hours. In the meantime, you can go ahead and run off into the sunset.

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