Having triangulated Archie's whereabouts, Sam, Janine, Maxine, Jamie and Runner 5 work together to save her from Van Ark.



Not Gonna Let That HappenEdit

Sam checks that Maxine definitely wants to hear Paula's voice, explaining to her that they're monitoring the situation between Archie and Van Ark via her hidden mic. Jamie is keen to know how quickly Archie's location can be pinpointed; in the meantime Sam switches on the transmission from Archie's mic to hear Paula muttering to Van Ark that she thinks she will come around with a little more persuasion, but Van Ark believe's Paula has failed and that it's time to resort to violence.

Bring The Girls HomeEdit

Janine confirms that they have a lock on Archie's location in Hertson, which is a known location of one of Van Ark's secret labs. You intercept another transmission from Archie and hear her stringing Van Ark along. Since Janine can't pin point exactly where Archie is, Jamie suggests staging an electrical fire to smoke out Van Ark, who he assumes will be too busy saving himself to rescue Archie or Paula.

The Small CaseEdit

Janine informs Jamie that New Canton are sending in reinforcements on quad bikes. You hear Archie asking for another glass of water before the sound of smashing glass.Van Ark asks Paula to bring him the small case, which Paula pleads him not to resort to. You hear an ominous hum build to a buzz before Archie begins to scream.

Bring Him BackEdit

Van Ark threatens Archie with more torture before leaving Paula and Archie to talk alone. Having heard this distressing transmission, a furious Jamie wants to set the charges off immediately, but Janine and Maxine want him to hold off since doing so might ruin the plan. You hear Paula apologise for Van Ark's behaviour and say that she has no choice but to remain working for him, claiming that despite everything they're doing valuable scientific work. Archie does not accept this and dismisses Paula.

There's Only PeopleEdit

Jamie is ready to take out one of the walls, but Janine is adamant that you stick to the plan. Jamie calmly explains that he's going in despite her orders, since he does not care for Janine's argument for the future of the human race; instead he cares for people, and he cares for Archie. Janine fears that Van Ark will retreat like he did before, but Maxine voices her approval of Jamie's actions.


You hear Archie begging Van Ark to stop, saying she will tell him what he wants to know. Triumphantly, he asks what the Major is planning to do with the barrels of chemicals she brought back from the North. Jamie calls you over, since the building is about to blow.

Oh God, NoEdit

You and Jamie venture in through the smoke and rubble. He kicks down a door, but Archie and Van Ark are nowhere to be seen. Another transmission crackles through; you hear Van Ark summon his chopper and reprimand Paula for fussing over Archie, who has passed out. He coldly states that she is of no use, and that it would be careless to spare a witness. You hear the panic in Jamie's and Paula's voices before the sound of a struggle and two gun shots. Van Ark summons Paula to follow him, which confirms the worst: Archie is dead.



Dark And Long

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