Runners 3, 5, and 8 are sent out to the chemical works on the Dickens Estate to pick up the ingredients for a sealant to contain a spill at Abel.



Abel May Be UninhabitableEdit

Sam and Nadia bicker over who's in charge of the mission. Runner 3 chimes in to remind one of them to lay down some covering fire, before commenting on how crowded it is around New Canton - the result of a chemical leak in Abel. Nadia explains that you, 3 and 8 are being send back because Janine thinks she can contain the spill but needs you to pick up ingredients for the sealant. Sam stresses that the mission is urgent; if you don't hurry, Abel may be rendered uninhabitable.

Dedlock At The JunctionEdit

Runner 3 appears quiet to the others, commenting morosely on what life has been reduced to. Sam misunderstands, assuming he is upset about the chemical spill, but Runner 8 corrects him, reminding him that Runner 3 and Archie were close. Runner 3 opens up about his affection for Archie and reminisces about the good times they had together, before lashing out at Sam and voicing defeatist sentiments. The others' attempts to console him are cut short by gunfire from a Dedlock.


Nadia cuts through Sam's sugarcoating and points out the danger lying before you. As Sam resolves to bring you home having realised that there is no safe path, Nadia points out that Dedlock snipers are trying to box you in. Runner 3 orders you and 8 to head for the lumber yard as he resolves to take out the snipers in the name of Archie and the love they shared for ABBA.

Big AnnouncementEdit

Runner 8 spots the chemical that Janine was after. Sam worries for Runner 3, whose headcam and mic cut out after attacking the first sniper; he fears 3's grief over Archie's death is making him act irrationally. Nadia brusquely absolves you from blame, reminding you to focus on stopping Van Ark, rather than dwelling on what he has done. As you spot the chemicals, the Major contacts Janine, asking her to mic her up so she can deliver a big announcement.

Zombie Free Great BritainEdit

Nadia says that there is no sign of Runner 3 or the Dedlocks before hooking you in to the Major's transmission. Major de Santa informs you that she has good news - Maxine's bioweapon which slows down the zombies, making them much easier to kill or evade, is ready. There is a fleet of planes fitted with crop dusters, and once enough formula has been produced you should have enough resources to cover the whole country - the first step to making the country safe again.

Situation: CriticalEdit

Runner 8 and Sam are excited by this news, but Nadia voices her suspicion of the Major. Runner 3 checks in through an old ham radio in an abandoned truck - he lost his headset in the tussle with the Dedlocks. As you all enjoy the relief brought on by the Major's transmission and Runner 3's survival, an agitated Janine copies in to tell you that there is less than an hour before the damage to Abel is irreversible.




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