Text Edit

The Radio hosts found this in the bottom of a box of biscuits they were supposed to give out at a settlement a few miles further on.

Jrw brxu wudqvplvvlrqv. Wkdqnv iru wkh lqir uh: dppr. Vkdoo slfn xs dqg brxu uhzdug dzdlwv brx. L’g ihho hpeduudvvhg derxw wkh flskhu exw wkhvh qlwzlwv duh wrr glp wr zrun lw rxw. Dphold.

Mission Edit

The artefact can be found in Season 3 Mission 52: Shiver Me Timbers

Easter Eggs Edit

To solve the riddle replace every letter with the letter 3 places before it in the alphabet (Caesar cipher). The note then reads:

Got your transmissions. Thanks for the info re: ammo. Shall pick up and your reward awaits you. I'd feel embarrassed about the cipher but these nitwits are too dim to work it out. Amelia.

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