Sometimes you need to think about what's been lost. Sometimes, you just don't get the chance.



Forest of Fallen RunnersEdit

Sam and the other runners lead you through the woodland. They reminisce about fallen runners as you head towards your destination.

A Welcome For The NewEdit

Runner 7 counts the runners that Abel has lost as you carry on through the woodland. He also mentions two new designations - Runners 17 and 6. You reach the memorial site and are offered an unlit torch; as initiation, you must light it from a torch stuck in the ground representing the fallen Runner 5, Alice Dempsey.

New Mission - RunEdit

To Sam's dismay, Janine interrupts your initiation to report the early arrival of a ship carrying the fuel essential for Abel's plan to douse the countryside in anti-zombie spray. You set off for the coast with the other runners and Sam heads back to the comms shack.

Not Part Of The PlanEdit

You find Owen attempting to flirt with a member of the ship's crew. She is having none of it, instead leading you to the oil drums. As you roll them along the deck, she informs you that the ship has picked up a trail of wading zoms, so you'd best get moving. Janine explains her plan to use the powered dollies on the dock to drive the fuel drums to Bert Airfield, but this becomes redundant as Sam points out that they have been crushed under some collapsed cranes.

Catch That Train!Edit

You overhear a plan forming between Sam and Janine. With only half the fuel drums unloaded, Runner 4 spots a huge pack of zoms heading towards you. Runner 8 confirms that there is a train line running to the docks, to which Sam responds that he met a guy on Rofflenet who has a working stream train. Runner 3 wants to make a run for it, but Runner 8 is not willing to risk the fuel being looted. It's your job to keep the line zombie free so Sam's friend Harry can reroute the train to the docks.

After That Train!Edit

Janine is grudgingly impressed by the steam engine. Harry describes your train route to Bert Airfield, but admits that he's a little rusty with the controls. You help him with the last bag of coal as he decides to let a little more steam through the regulator, which kicks the Terrier into action.

Next Stop, The DocksEdit

You attempt to hop onto the steam train as Harry fumbles with the controls, having sheepishly admitted he never actually qualified for his full licence. You finally make it on board - next stop, the docks.

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