Reality is that which, when we stop believing in it, doesn't go away

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Mustn't Keep Him Waiting Edit

Archie wakes you up and instructs you to take your medication and put on your shoes. A running track has been installed for your rehabilitation!

Doctor V Edit

Sara meets you outside and talks you through your zombie delusions. She urges you to trust Doctor V and reassures you to trust the injections he gave you.

Get Them Edit

The environment changes; Simon is now beside you, trying to help you escape. He reprimands you about what you did to the Comansys flotilla.

Let It Go Edit

Van Ark informs you that you’ve had an episode. Archie is looking forward to a visit from Jamie, and Sara can’t wait to see her boys again.

Altruism Edit

You’re back with Simon who is leading another hallucination-fuelled escape attempt. He firmly reminds you that it’s time to do your duty.

Always Edit

Van Ark is fascinated by the alternate reality you have created for yourself. He thinks you’ve done well enough to receive a visitor, and Sam’s voice echoes out.

Runner 5 Edit

You come round with Simon slapping your cheek. He senses you’re back to normal, since you’re now looking at him with disgust rather than glazed confusion.

Trivia Edit

The mission title is named after a song by Pink Floyd of the same name

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