You and Paula dodge soldiers to make it to your rendezvous point

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Run Like The Wind Edit

Everyone's agreed: it's a trap. That doesn't stop Maxine being upset that your group can never catch a break. At least the soldiers haven't spotted you and Paula, so you can hide in a nearby copse.

Head For The Church Edit

Janine reassures Maxine that it's perfectly normal to have a little wobble after danger has passed and you feel safe again. The soldiers are spreading out so you and Paula head for a church.

Check Out The Van Edit

Sam, Maxine, Paula and Janine try to decide where this apocalypse rates in the grand scheme of things, when Sam spots a little van with the word 'Laundry' written on it.

Visible For Just A Moment Edit

Due to the diversion, you and Paula are not where you should be, and need to let the driver of the golf cart see you. That does mean the soldiers might see you too, so you'll have to be fast.

All Be In Danger Edit

Hiding in position near some houses you and Paula stand up when Janine gives the word. The 'Laundry' van sees you and throws out a package you'll need to grab before the patrols do.

Down That Alleyway Edit

According to Sam the soldiers' presence was just a coincidence, as the only drama from the bug in Ian's office is about his food. Paula spots the package so you dart down an alleyway to get it.

We Are Undaunted Edit

Away from the soldiers with the package secured, you open it up to find two sweaters and a note. The note confirms Sigrid's upcoming election is rigged, but more surprisingly also mentions an offer to parley with the Exmoor Militia.

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