A miltarized research group that may be behind the creation of the Zombies.

Comansys used to have a reputation for being a cool place to work and wanting to “make the world better."

When presumed CEO "old John Abbott" died around 12 years before Day 0, he left Comansys to his employees. (In Left To My Own Devices, Paula says Comansys was run by a woman, but this is apparently contradicted later.) The executive board appeared to have consisted of Albert, Cynthia Hill, and Diana Duncan-Petley.

Albert was the legal mind. Cynthia was the head of research and development, and Diana did all the client-facing work.

The Comansys building is located in London. Its roof looks like a swirl of ice cream, which hides the giant satellite dish.

Sam Yao applied for academic sponsorship from Comansys, but he was turned down due to his grades.

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