Navigating the Viking caves is a deadly puzzle that can only be solved using deductive reasoning skills

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Bring The Armlet Edit

Runner 7 and Tom keep watch while everyone else makes it safely into the cave. Janine suggests placing the armlet into a nook in the wall, but all it does is play a musical note. With no directions you opt for going right.

Run Back In That Direction Edit

Amelia is discussing what kind of treasure Sigrid might want from this cave when a hole opens up beneath her! Janine rigs up a rope pulley, and you run back the way you came to pull Amelia to safety.

Try The Other Way Edit

There's nothing for it but to head left from your starting point. The armlet must help somehow, but there's no time to sit and work it out as some ancient zoms are now after you.

Clever Vikings Edit

After successfully navigating two more caverns you've figured out the note the armlet plays indicates the safe direction. The tone's different in the current cavern, so this time instead of going left you'll need to head right and climb.

No Way To Know Edit

There's another different tone in the next cavern, directing you down and to the right. These caves remind everyone of the White Fingers, which started flooding when you entered. Time to speed up!

Eighty Six Percent Edit

The ice is starting to crack but the niche in this cavern is smashed. Sam tries to remember the map of the White Fingers. To avoid triggering a flood you'll need to go around the labyrinth, and Sam's fairly sure which path to take.

They've Found The Plane Edit

Inside the central chamber you find a door set into the floor, and behind it some sort of grail containing old, but still liquid, blood. This could be the cure, but you'll have to wait to find out. Tom radios in: Sigrid's found your plane.

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