Sam's too sick to help and Runner 3's too obsessed with the past to care. Looks like it's up to you to get Dr Myers what she needs.



Raise The Gates?Edit

You're off out for a mission with Runner 3; Maxine is adamant that Sam shouldn't be on comms since he has a 100 degree fever, bur of course Sam insists that he is not feeling that bad. She even volunteers to cover it herself, but again Sam refuses since she's in the middle of an experiment that needs constant monitoring. You're to head into the city once a delirious Sam remembers to raise the gates.

Speaking Of RunningEdit

Runner 3 gently reminds Sam that you have not yet been briefed on the day's mission. After establishing that Sam can definitely only two runners on the screen almost all of the time, he explains that you're heading into town to locate a treadmill for one of Maxine's experiments.

Sweat And SupplementsEdit

Sam's fever-induced delirium becomes clear as he attempts to direct you to a shopping centre that's connected to a fitness centre. Runner 3 takes the wheel since he know's the city's gyms like the back of his hand. As it comes into view, Sam comments on the rather ugly neon sign hanging outside. Runner 3 takes offence - turns out he is the owner. You are to scan the perimeter for zombies (and multivitamins) as Runner 3 checks the equipment.

Just The PlaceEdit

Sam is glad that you've found a treadmill since this means he can finally go to sleep, but Runner 3 insists that the treadmill you found will not do at all; there's a mess on them that could possibly be zombie brains, so it would be too dangerous to bring it back to Abel. Definitely nothing to do with the fact that he didn't manage to find any supplements.


Runner 3 remembers that there's a gym at the top of an office block nearby, but it would be useless since it would require the guys with the van to hoof up and down 20 flights of stairs to collect the treadmill. Instead, you head towards another Fitness Factory in the financial district. Runner 3 suggests that Sam rests his weary head since he knows the way himself, but once Sam has drifted off, it becomes apparent that Runner 3 has an ulterior motive.


Runner 3 opens up about his childhood; he was brought up by his strict Catholic grandma who constantly talked about Judgement Day, so much so that he started obsessively working out, so he could be prepared for anything. Maxine chimes in to remind you that you are in fact still on a mission.

That's DedicationEdit

Runner 3 is delighted as you approach his flagship Fitness Factory, but Sam's concerned as he picks up some movement inside on his scanners. Maxine is surprised to find out that zombies still apparently have the motor skills to use elliptical machines. Runner 3 spots an old regular hogging one of the treadmills and decides that it's time to create a distraction.


An exasperated Maxine is anxious to return to the lab as Runner 3 rummages for his lucky sweatband in his old filing cabinet. Unfortunately the zombies aren't being lured in by your decoy, but just as it looks like you're going to have to find yet another gym, Runner 3 has an idea; he rattles a box of multivitamins and offers a complimentary pilates class to any zombie that heads his way.

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