Cut off, you and The Builder keep pressing forward through the labyrinthine caves, hoping to find a way out before zoms find you

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Us And The Zombies Edit

Moonchild shows you the way to avoid the zombies, and The Builder has no choice but to follow further down.

Go That Way Edit

You reach a door hidden by rocks and get behind it in time to block the zombies. Comms are back on and Moonchild's gone. Ellie's clues from the Edda help you to choose which of three paths to take.

The Floor's Caving In Edit

The narrowest path is also full of rotten trap doors. The Builder loses his explosives down a hole, and the resulting boom causes a cave-in below you.

Get Climbing Edit

The collapsed floor cuts off the zoms behind you, but creates a path for even more from below. Just when it looks like you're trapped the Edda offers up more clues - the Vikings climbed what used to be a waterfall, to freedom.

The Best And Only Clue Edit

The Builder's lost without his trusty explosives, but Sam calms him down. The Edda's not very helpful here, so you follow the way pointed by a rusty scabbard.

Not Wrong Yet Edit

When you emerge the Edda indicates you're in the right place, but the sound of zoms all around indicates you're not. Weaponless, you cause another cave-in to bury the horde, and reveal directions to safety.

The Cabinet Of Doctor Dee Edit

You come to a huge daylit chamber - a church carved out of salt rock - with stairs to the surface. You and The Builder recover half an artefact which talks of a cure. Ellie's seen the symbol on the artefact before; it's from an Elizabethan sorceror, John Dee.

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